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Spacious and luxurious

A full-sized sedan includes performance, size, and comfort with thoughtful touches of style and luxury. These cars can easily sit five people in supreme comfort. In the trunk there is space aplenty for luggage and gear. Full-sized sedans shine on the highway and invite longer road trips. Big families will appreciate the roominess and comfort.

What is a full-size sedan?

A full-size sedan oozes elegance and comfort, rounded off by great performance. These cars can accommodate big families and group of friends. Full-size sedans do not spare on space. Equipped with more powerful engines, these vehicles take to the road with confidence. Full-size sedans usually seat five people comfortably.

What is the difference between a midsized and full-size sedan?

Full-size sedans take to the road with aplomb. They not only boast more room and leg space in the back, but also come with layers of added luxury which helps reduce fatigue during longer trips.


Moderate cost

Luxury galore at low rates


Room for family, friends, and their luggage or gear

Driving Experience

Great performance reduces fatigue


Fit up to five people in supreme comfort

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